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It's the end of the we know it

February 2, 2012 - Erin O'Neill
It is still hard for me to fathom that there are generations of people younger than I who are not familiar with the cryptic words of Michael Stipe and the guys from R.E.M. But I also recently had to answer the question, "who is Don Cornelius?," so it shouldn't be that shocking. Nevertheless, it's something that both amuses and depresses me. Speaking of things that are depressing, the world is supposed to come to an end this year. How's that for a segue? So all this talk of apocalyptic implosions, alien invasions, celebrity's all got me thinking: Am I ready for creepy green monsters to harvest my brain or rivers of lava from Krakatoa 2 taking out the whole eastern seaboard?

Well anyone with kids is going to answer no, for sure. The destruction of the world would be a major bummer. I'd miss birthday parties, weddings, graduations, and grandchildren (egad!). But if we really only had 11 months left on earth, (I mean, really, has The History Channel ever steered you wrong? Don't answer that) what will we be missing out on?

I would miss skating with my derby sisters; I would be sad that I never got to visit Ireland; I've never been to Vegas or on a cruise; I would seriously miss Mexican food (I hope they have chips and salsa in the next life) and Italian food and wine . I've often thought that I would say something like 'sky diving' but then I think, not so much. I would miss all the great music that I've grown up with and that now is considered classic rock. But hey, if there is a rock-n-roll heaven, well...hmmm, I guess they won't really have a heck of a band come to think of it.

But if the world as we know it really does come to a fiery conclusion, we, as a society, will miss out on so much. A cure for AIDS is just around the corner and there are great strides being made in other fields of science and technology; a whole new generation of artists ("Lenny Bruce is not afraid"), politicians, er, physicians, and musicians (everybody now..."Leonard Bernstein") is coming up on our heels. The next great Olympic athlete could be being born right this minute.

So little green men, go back to where you came from and cataclysmic volcanoes, put a cork in it.

Bring it on Dec. 21, 2012 because I feel fine.


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