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All hail ’80s metal: A Zeroking review

December 28, 2011 Anyone familiar with the late 1980s music scene will understand what I am talking about when I mention “hair bands,” such as Poison and Motley Crue. more »»

A divine experience with Leo Kottke

December 28, 2011 One of today’s most successful television advertising campaigns is the “Most Interesting Man Alive” beer commercial; that bearded icon has been worth his weight in gold for driving interest and sale... more »»

Forget the labels, give Cults a listen

November 30, 2011 Normally, I gravitate towards rock music. Different variants from when rock first hit the scene in the 1950s and every kind in between since. more »»

Maybelogic is funk-world-rock-fusion

October 26, 2011 Citing such influences as James Brown, Frank Zappa and Jamiroquai, the quartet hailing from mostly different areas of West Virginia and Indiana, found each other in the universe and commenced to mak... more »»

Costello stands out on latest ‘Lamplight’

October 26, 2011 Katie Costello has one of those voices that seems familiar, yet once you hear her sing, you become addicte. more »»

‘Rocky Horror’ comes to Parkersburg

September 28, 2011 For those too old for trick-or-treating, there’s another treat in store this Halloween. more »»

Prison Book Club’s latest is both rockin’ and heartbreakin’

September 28, 2011 It may seem a bit premature to refer to Prison Book Club as a super group, but, in the context of West Virginia’s budding scene, the label is more than appropriate. more »»

TRUE GRIT: The hunchman from Boone Co.

August 31, 2011 Ask the average West Virginian to name the state’s most notorious outlaw of the 20th century and you will most likely hear Jesco White’s name. more »»

No bullsh*t: The Demon Beat goes on

July 27, 2011 When guitarist Adam Meisterhans sits down to talk about the latest The Demon Beat record, a whole host of subjects spring up: Dinosaur Jr. more »»

Daniel Johnston: Pop culture anti-hero

June 29, 2011 “I talk about my ideas all day long,” said Daniel Johnston. After speaking with him, there is little doubt. Johnston is a dream subject for any music writer. more »»

For WV’s Fletcher’s Grove, it’s All Good

May 25, 2011 For a group of guys, all West Virginia University students, who started out as just another band “paying their dues,” the chance for Fletcher’s Grove to play this year’s All Good Music Festival is... more »»

The Greens: Possibly the hardest working band in West Virginia

April 27, 2011 They might be the best band you’ve never heard of, but this band, together nearly a decade, is legendary in Morgantown and among other college crowds, playing something like 100 shows a year. more »»

Review: ‘Songs for People’ has something for everyone

April 27, 2011 Why The Greens out of Morgantown aren’t already a household name is beyond me. more »»

Lee: Have banjo, will travel

March 30, 2011 From a young age, Will Lee knew he wanted to be a performer. Growing up with musicians on both sides of his family, it was a natural progression for Lee to follow in their footsteps. more »»

This Irish band ain’t fiddlin’ around

February 23, 2011 First it’s the brogue, and then the stories of the people he’s met and the places he’s been in a career spanning 50 years, that let you know you’re talking to a real legend in traditional Irish music. more »»

Girls Guns and Glory

January 26, 2011 If Chris Isaak and Lyle Lovett had a love child, he would sound like Ward Hayden, who somehow also manages to resemble Hank Williams. more »»

W.Va.: Home to next big app?

December 28, 2010 The next big mobile phone app might come from West Virginia. At least that’s the expectations of Bryan Stealey, president of Filter Publications, Inc. more »»

Southern Culture on the Skids

November 23, 2010 Maybe it was because I had first heard Southern Culture on the Skids in the mid-‘90s, during the “Seinfeld” reign, that I’ve always thought of the band as a Seinfeld-esque group with a Southern... more »»

Eliza’s blue rendition of folk shines

September 30, 2010 What’s an inspiring singer-songwriter to do when she’s too fraught with terror at the prospect of playing her songs for people, let alone on a stage, that she can’t even strum her guitar? more »»

Liecus proves age can bring growth

August 25, 2010 Few bands in the Mid-Ohio Valley have been around as long as Liecus, but don’t let their longstanding status fool you into thinking the heavy rock band has grown stal. more »»



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