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Review: ‘Songs for People’ has something for everyone

April 27, 2011 Why The Greens out of Morgantown aren’t already a household name is beyond me. more »»

Lee: Have banjo, will travel

March 30, 2011 From a young age, Will Lee knew he wanted to be a performer. Growing up with musicians on both sides of his family, it was a natural progression for Lee to follow in their footsteps. more »»

This Irish band ain’t fiddlin’ around

February 23, 2011 First it’s the brogue, and then the stories of the people he’s met and the places he’s been in a career spanning 50 years, that let you know you’re talking to a real legend in traditional Irish music. more »»

Girls Guns and Glory

January 26, 2011 If Chris Isaak and Lyle Lovett had a love child, he would sound like Ward Hayden, who somehow also manages to resemble Hank Williams. more »»

W.Va.: Home to next big app?

December 28, 2010 The next big mobile phone app might come from West Virginia. At least that’s the expectations of Bryan Stealey, president of Filter Publications, Inc. more »»

Southern Culture on the Skids

November 23, 2010 Maybe it was because I had first heard Southern Culture on the Skids in the mid-‘90s, during the “Seinfeld” reign, that I’ve always thought of the band as a Seinfeld-esque group with a Southern... more »»

Eliza’s blue rendition of folk shines

September 30, 2010 What’s an inspiring singer-songwriter to do when she’s too fraught with terror at the prospect of playing her songs for people, let alone on a stage, that she can’t even strum her guitar? more »»

Liecus proves age can bring growth

August 25, 2010 Few bands in the Mid-Ohio Valley have been around as long as Liecus, but don’t let their longstanding status fool you into thinking the heavy rock band has grown stal. more »»

Parkersburg resident writes for D.C. comics

August 25, 2010 You don’t turn down D.C. comics. If an editor from the flagship company asks you to do story on Harley Quinn, who you’re only vaguely familiar with, you take it. more »»

Pitchfork Music Festival

July 28, 2010 It had all the making of an independent music festival. more »»

300-pound ‘country rapper’ on why he’s more authentic than Taylor Swift

July 28, 2010 “Country rapper” Colt Ford may have a point when he gets defensive about people’s suggestion that his music is not “real country. more »»

Black Neil Diamond returns home

June 30, 2010 A little more than 10 years ago, Theron Denson was hopping from table to table at an Outback Steak House in Charleston, W.Va. more »»

Librarians release the summer’s best album

April 28, 2010 I’ve said it once and I’ll say a thousand times more: Librarians’ new release,  “Present Passed,” is one of my favorite albums of the year — West Virginia... more »»

Cherryholmes brings it grade ‘A’ goodness to town

March 31, 2010 There’s something inherently charming about family bands, especially ones that are multi-generational. When said family band is actually an extremely talented, award-winning bluegrass band ... more »»

Jeff Ellis is poised for a breakout

March 31, 2010 First they came from across the pond. England, more precisely. In the 1990s, it was Seattle, Wash. more »»

Bud Carroll looks to the next level

February 23, 2010 Few West Virginia bands have more going on through the first part of this year than Bud Carroll and the Southern Souls. more »»

Groove to the sounds of Fletcher’s Grove

February 23, 2010 Fletcher’s Grove is a Primus-inflected, “Garcia-approved” jam band of Marshall students. more »»

P.O.S. embraces chaos in hip hop

February 23, 2010 P.O.S. exploded on the indie rap scene with 2006’s “Audition,” a brilliant fusion of his two musical loves: punk and hip hop. more »»

Dessa mixes old soul, hip hop and philosophy

February 23, 2010 Dessa burst onto the underground hip hop scene in 2005 with an EP. more »»

On love and marriage and God

January 26, 2010 Brooke Waggoner’s one of those artists you discover on a whim and wonder how you had never heard of her before. more »»



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