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Walking Out Blind — Hard Rock, Solid Message

June 20, 2008 West Virginia’s Walking Out Blind combines faith and hard rock music. more »»

Evolving Greencards Keep the Music Going

June 3, 2008 The Greencards started out as a bluegrass band and evolved into a modern acoustic band, “not genre specific,” as their mandolin player Kym Warner likes to point out. more »»

Faithfully Welcome that Wheel in the Sky with Open Arms, Or Any Way You Want It Really

June 3, 2008 Suddenly there’s a roaring cheer, and I look around to my friends to ask what’s going on. My eyes dart across the pub table but now they’re standin. more »»

The Gear are Making Tracks in Morgantown

June 3, 2008 Graffiti: What was it like to have your first album recorded by the legendary Mark Poole?  His name has been synonymous with Morgantown rock music for decade. more »»

Mattea digs for ‘Coal’

June 3, 2008 Kathy Mattea, born in South Charleston, has been creating the modern sound of country music for decades. more »»

Spielberg, Ford Cracking the Whip

June 3, 2008 Harrison Ford has not lost his edge. more »»

Are Finales a Thing of the Past

June 3, 2008 Generally speaking, season finales just aren’t what they used to b. more »»

Pumping Out the New Stuff

June 3, 2008 It seems like every comic company has a big batch of new series beginning this spring. Here are some titles already underway that are worth a closer loo. more »»

AIDS is Still Relevent

June 3, 2008 Today’s 25-year-olds never knew a world without Internet or cell phone. They say they’ll “dial your number,” but they don’t know why. more »»

Mini Vacations and Guitars

May 20, 2008 Each one of these band shows is like a small vacation from everyday normality. Most of the time, it’s a good thing. more »»

Fully Immersed in the Christian Music Scene

May 20, 2008 Contemporary Christian music has bootstrapped itself — without the support of commercial radio — into a multi-million dollar industry. more »»

Catch Blues Band Fever with Mike Roeder

May 20, 2008 Mike Roeder is the lead guitarist and vox for The Catch Blues Band ( more »»

A Local Option for Your World Music Needs

May 20, 2008 Lori McKinney is a vocalist and percussionist with Option 22, a very different world music band based out of Princeton. more »»

W.Va.’s First Lady of Blues and R&B — Lady D

May 20, 2008 Lady D is considered West Virginia’s “First Lady” of Blues and R&B. more »»

Not-so-joyful noise: WVU profs peg the needle in Garrison protest

May 20, 2008 If you’re ever trolling AMC on a rainy Sunday and you happen upon “Network” — Hollywood’s histrionic send-up of the television industry, circa 1976 — hang in ther... more »»

Blogging Blenko Glass

May 20, 2008 It's amazing how many great West Virginian bloggers you find when you're looking for them, and some of them get really specific. The Film Geek (thefilmgeek.blogspot. more »»

2008 Recruiting Class Gives Hope

May 20, 2008 With the inclusion of 6’9” New York native Devin Ebanks to the West Virginia University men’s basketball lineup, the whole world should be tuning in to ESPN next season to see one... more »»

Come On, West Virgina, Is Race Really an Issue?

May 20, 2008 The great Mountain State gave Sen. Hillary Clinton an important victory in the West Virginia primary last week on May 13. She defeated Sen. more »»

Stew Getting the Old Gang Back Together

May 20, 2008 By now we’ve all heard the story. WVU was one win over mega-rival Pitt away from playing for (and maybe even winning) a football national championship last December. more »»

The Streets Are Empty, the Bars Are Not

May 20, 2008 The streets are officially near empty in Huntington as the town has officially faced the mass exodus of University closing. I refuse to complain on several grounds. more »»



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