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WEB EXTRA: Every West Virginian Helps Showcase State’s Image on Film

November 23, 2009 Portrayals of West Virginians in popular culture vary from positive to negative, however, West Virginia Gov. more »»

Ho Ho Holiday movies: From classics to horror

October 27, 2009 Along with turkey, Santa, and snow, the Thanksgiving through Christmas holiday period represents the second best time of year for moviegoing, except for the summer. more »»

Reviews: ‘Paranormal Activity’ and more

October 27, 2009 You’re sound asleep; you roll over, briefly awaken to a loud sound somewhere, you close your eyes then hear it coming close. more »»

‘Jennifer’s Body’ and more

September 29, 2009 What’s a teenage cheerleader want? She’s exceptionally pretty, has gained acceptance to the ‘I’m somebody’ high school networks, and she maintains a childhood friendshi... more »»

I ain’t scared of no ghost

September 29, 2009 On Halloween night in 1938, radio (then the equivalent of television) listeners heard some dance music, and then, “We interrupt this program to bring you a special bulletin…”more »»

A modern classic contender

August 25, 2009 Instead of interplanetary visitors arriving on Earth with lasers and other weapons blazing, an alien ship stalls over South Africa. Mechanical failure likely. more »»

'Post Grad' Alumni Worry More than Laugh

August 25, 2009 What’s a college movie with only a hint of parties, beer and boobs? It’s “Post Grad,” the first flick to arrive at megaplexes reflecting the impact of the deep recession on... more »»

Equally offending Bruno

July 28, 2009 Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is the military status quo on homosexuality. For Austrian Bruno (Sacha Baron-Cohen), the equation would be, just look, you WILL know. more »»

Harry Potter is the new Luke Skywalker?

July 28, 2009 Wands up, make evil go away. more »»

You’re my boy, Blue!

July 28, 2009 Call them part of a ‘teen’ movie genre or not, but films set on college campuses (mostly comedies) have earned their own niche in cinema jargon. more »»

‘Doin’ Therapy’ indie has local ties

June 23, 2009 A low budget independent flick, “Doin’ Therapy, “ shot in Pittsburgh has shrewd screwball comedy flair built into a slightly dark and instructive dram. more »»

The Hangover: 'You’ve never laughed like this'

June 23, 2009 Let’s try this one in fast forward. more »»

Summer movie preview

May 26, 2009 What’s coming in the next few months? We have a preview. Assisting with the rundown is Curtis McCall, president and CEO of Marquee Cinemas. more »»

Conspiracy Love

April 28, 2009 When the founders of our nation penned the Constitution, they installed a system of checks and balances through the separating of powers of branches of government. more »»

Carbon Arcs, Oil, Cans Give Way to “Green” Digital

April 28, 2009 When motion pictures first flickered on screens, cities were concerned because the film was not flameproof. more »»

Delicate and beautiful balances

April 28, 2009 Capturing the awestruck beauty of uninhabitable locations (Antarctica , the highest mountains, or deserts), the Disney nature study, “Earth” quickly establishes how a natural event on one side of th... more »»

Remake fairly mainstream for the genre

March 24, 2009 You won’t have to keep repeating ‘it’s only’ a movie when viewing the re-make of Wes Cravin’s  “Last House on the Left. more »»

Human trafficking goes mainstream

February 24, 2009 What’s one of a parent’s worst fears? Having his or her child kidnapped. Let’s make that even more frightening. more »»

Growth for women’s equality

February 24, 2009 A wispy young woman filmgoers remember as surviving the sinking of the “Titanic” has in 2008 starred in atypical roles that each define early roots of the women’s movement, whether... more »»

Why’s there no blood splattering on me from the movie screen?

January 27, 2009 Here comes another boogieman from slashing cinema past. Harry Warden does not have the name recognition of Jason, Freddie or Michae. more »»



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