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Leary tells it like it is

February 24, 2009 Denis Leary, the sarcastic comedian famous for his snarky stand-up rants, has released his book, “Why We Suck: A Feel Good Guide to Staying Fat, Loud, Lazy and Stupid. more »»

All about hip-hop

January 27, 2009 Nobody in the world can accuse you of being predictable. Take your iPod, for instance. You’ve got Prince on there, and some Queen of Soul. A little Elvis, both Costello and Presle. more »»

An inside look at waiting

December 29, 2008 You’re hungry. Your stomach’s been talking about it for 20 minutes. more »»

Anthology: Leaving W.Va. to write about home

November 24, 2008 Cheyenna Weber hails from Roane County, but lives in New York City now – and that is one of the seminal facts that defines he. more »»

What's on your iPod, Chelsea Hughes?

November 24, 2008 “Wagon Wheel” Old Crow Medicine Show It’s a good song. more »»

Poobah rockin’ near the Woods

November 24, 2008  This trip we head to Marietta, Ohio, to a lovely lush green area on Ohio 550, one mile from Ohio 7. The place is called Outskirts and the building has had a great makeover, and looks new inside. more »»

Sheered Lepus makes some of that thar music

November 24, 2008 Rock ‘n Roll is supposed to be dead. The Who weren’t uncertain if it was dead or alive, Lenny Kravitz said it was definitely dead, and Marilyn Manson, well, he said it was dead too. more »»

Fat City, U.S.A.: Stereotypes meet statistics

November 24, 2008 They got us again. “They” being that mean old mainstream press that keeps coming to West Virginia for yet another real life horror story. more »»

A cliche of convenience: W.Va. stereotypes

November 24, 2008 When watching a film or series at the megaplex or on television, residents of West Virginia fall victim to numerous cliches, most of which have negative implications. more »»

Football Distractions

November 24, 2008 Duck. For a few weeks each year, your friends and family get good at that.  It’s not that you’re a violent person. Really, it’s not that at al. more »»

The Brains behind the Undead

October 28, 2008 It’s Halloween and time once again for books and movies of the macabre. Zombies in fiction and movies have become more popular in recent years. more »»

Been there, done that?

September 23, 2008 You drive into a town that you’ve never visited before and suddenly, without a smidge of doubt you know there’s a diner around a certain corne. more »»

Life with Madonna

August 26, 2008 Did you ever wonder what it would’ve been like to grow up with a different family? If you were an Only, you might have dreamed about the fun you’d have with a... more »»

Survival Man — Freshman Style

August 19, 2008 For 13 years, you’ve worked and waited for this time to come. more »»

22 for All and All for One

August 12, 2008 Twenty-two short story writers and novelists team up in one anthology to bring superhero tales of a more literary bent in “Who Can Save Us Now?” edited by Owen King and John... more »»

No "Pleasure" At All

July 29, 2008 “I’ll wash out your mouth with soap if you say that word again!” Remember hearing that from your Mama or Grandma? Back in the day, nasty words weren’... more »»

Have Your ‘Cake’...

July 16, 2008 By Terri Schlichenmeyer Whom do you trust? It’s an easy question, the answer of which is probably your Mama, family, maybe a friend or two. more »»

It’s Wedding Time

June 30, 2008 It happens every summer. You know it’s coming, but the swarm surprises you nonetheless. They show up on your doorstep. On your company bulletin board. more »»

Killer Bosses, Books

June 20, 2008 Think your job is going to kill you with stress? For the employees of Murphy, Knox & Associates, the stress isn’t just out to get them — their boss and fellow employees are —... more »»

AIDS is Still Relevent

June 3, 2008 Today’s 25-year-olds never knew a world without Internet or cell phone. They say they’ll “dial your number,” but they don’t know why. more »»



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