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Working grunt helps save the day

January 26, 2010 A. Lee Martinez brings a comic tale of two everyday workers who must save the world in “Monster. more »»

A werewolf and a reality show

December 29, 2009 Reality shows can be killer. more »»

Flying high with a nice guy

November 23, 2009 Wrestler Rey Mysterio is well known for his high-flying wrestling style. But the man behind the mask may be a bit of a mystery — until now. Turns out the famous luchador is quite a nice guy. more »»

A must for the ‘True Blood’ fan

October 27, 2009 Need a True Blood fix? Fear not, for New York Times bestselling author Charlaine Harris has released a collection of short stories starring  Sookie Stackhouse in “A Touch of Dead. more »»

Author speaks on surviving zombie apocalypse

October 27, 2009 Move over, vampires. And werewolves, too, while we’re at it. Zombies are taking over mainstream America’s undead/beast hearts, one bite at a time. more »»

A classic infused with zombies

September 29, 2009 I’ve never read “Pride and Prejudice,” but have read other Jane Austen works, so I entered into reading “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” by Jane Austen and Seth... more »»

Cheeky memoir knows retail is hell

August 25, 2009 Whether it’s in a mall, department store, fast food or a convenience store, anyone who works or has worked in retail has a story to tell. more »»

A modern ‘Breakfast Club’

July 28, 2009 The year is 1973. Karl Shoemaker is a troubled teenager. more »»

‘Cooking Dirty:’ Inside the life of a chef

July 28, 2009 It’s a vagabond life as a chef talks about his journey from diners to fine dining to corporate cooking and finally, to food writer in Jason Sheehan’s “Cooking Dirt. more »»

Book review: Self-destruction and the kitchen

June 23, 2009 Witness one man’s path of self-destruction in award-winning and best-selling author Monica Ali’s “In The Kitchen. more »»

Take a, er, bite out of this one

May 26, 2009 Charlaine Harris’ New York Times bestselling series, Sookie Stackhouse, returns in “Dead and Gone. more »»

Down to the bare essentials

April 28, 2009 Noralee Frankel retells a popular figure’s story in “Stripping Gypsy. more »»

A merry chase

March 24, 2009 A rich heiress tangles with her hot but strict CPA in “Trouble in High Heels” by Leanne Banks. more »»

Wrestlers vs. Zombies

February 24, 2009 A generation (or so) ago children growing often obtained their first reading experience through comic books that take them up, up and away into a fantasy land just this side of the looking glass. more »»

Leary tells it like it is

February 24, 2009 Denis Leary, the sarcastic comedian famous for his snarky stand-up rants, has released his book, “Why We Suck: A Feel Good Guide to Staying Fat, Loud, Lazy and Stupid. more »»

All about hip-hop

January 27, 2009 Nobody in the world can accuse you of being predictable. Take your iPod, for instance. You’ve got Prince on there, and some Queen of Soul. A little Elvis, both Costello and Presle. more »»

An inside look at waiting

December 29, 2008 You’re hungry. Your stomach’s been talking about it for 20 minutes. more »»

Anthology: Leaving W.Va. to write about home

November 24, 2008 Cheyenna Weber hails from Roane County, but lives in New York City now – and that is one of the seminal facts that defines he. more »»

What's on your iPod, Chelsea Hughes?

November 24, 2008 “Wagon Wheel” Old Crow Medicine Show It’s a good song. more »»

Poobah rockin’ near the Woods

November 24, 2008  This trip we head to Marietta, Ohio, to a lovely lush green area on Ohio 550, one mile from Ohio 7. The place is called Outskirts and the building has had a great makeover, and looks new inside. more »»



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