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Dive into the pages of Suicide Squad

August 31, 2016 The movie “Suicide Squad” has come out with mixed reviews. Whether or not you loved the movie, you can read more about the characters thanks to the comics and a new novel. more »»

Scooby-Dooby-Doo what are you...doing in a horror story?

August 1, 2016 A little over a year ago here, I lamented the unnecessarily dark turns comics have taken in recent years, especially with once-lighthearted characters. more »»

Go back to school with these stress busters

August 1, 2016 It’s time to go back to college, and here are a few things to take with you! To help with the stress that classes can cause is a new adult coloring book for Doctor Who fans, “Doctor Who: Travels in... more »»

Stop and smell the roses atop a bicycle

June 29, 2016 It’s summer, so now is the time to get out there and do something fun and active! With that in mind, Anna Brones has released a new book, “Hello, Bicycle: An Inspired Guide to the Two-Wheeled Life. more »»

Heroic heel turns often have expiration dates

June 29, 2016 If you haven’t heard the hubbub about “Steve Rogers: Captain America” #1 or had it revealed to you in your Facebook trending feed like me, this article will contain spoilers. more »»

OJ prosecutor Clark pens ‘Blood Defense’

May 25, 2016 With the recent television series, "The People vs. O.. more »»

Danger, Sweetheart dances with tropes

April 27, 2016 New York Times bestselling author MaryJanice Davidson, maybe best known for her Betsy the Vampire Queen series, steps away from the paranormal and into the contemporary world with a love letter to... more »»

If I’m R-rated then will you still call me Superman?

April 27, 2016 So everybody liked “Deadpool,” but do we really need an R-rated Superman? I haven’t seen “Deadpool.” Yet. more »»

Tapping into the ‘new adult’ genre of books

April 5, 2016 There's a new genre out now called "New Adult," aimed at people in their early 20s. Characters are usually college-aged, and facing problems/romances of that age grou. more »»

Coloring books for grown-ups all the rage

January 28, 2016 A new trend out right now is coloring for relaxation for adults. more »»

Farewell, Four Now

January 28, 2016 The climax of Marvel's "Secret Wars" series delivers the final fate (for now) of the Fantastic Four. more »»

Name that (fantasy) team

December 30, 2015 Even the most knowledgeable fantasy football players only have so much control over their team’s fortunes. more »»

A suspenseful amnesiac tale

December 30, 2015 A woman’s past comes to the surface in Calia Read’s “Unhinge.” Victoria can’t remember a whole lot before Fairfax Hospital, or even how she came to be there. more »»

Superhuman resolve: Comic book resolutions for 2016

November 30, 2015 There was a time when it seemed superheroes could do no wrong. more »»

2015 in review: Best reads you may have missed

November 30, 2015 It's time to take a look back at the best books of 2015! Romance: "Put a Ring on It" by Beth Kendrick (New American Library, $15) - Readers return to the madcap town of Black Dog Bay, where everyone... more »»

Doctor Who trilogy of books feature 12th doctor

November 3, 2015 The new season of Doctor Who is underway, so why not dive into more stories of the madman with a blue box than with three new books featuring the Twelfth Doctor? In a new trilogy (though the books... more »»

They do exist: 12 comic characters who stayed dead

November 3, 2015 Sooner or later, due to marketing, shock value, story or simple nostalgia, almost everyone who has shuffled off the mortal comics coil shuffles bac. more »»

The Replacement Heroes

September 30, 2015 The Falcon is Captain America. Commissioner Gordon is Batman. And Amadeus Cho will soon become the “Totally Awesome” Hulk. Everything will probably snap back into the status quo sooner than later. more »»

All-new, all-different Marvel picks

August 31, 2015 As Marvel prepares to revamp its entire line of comics in October and November in the wake of “Secret Wars,” here’s a look at the “All-New, All-Different” titles I want to check out mos. more »»

Squirrel Girl, Howard the Duck (and Prez?) lead new crop of humor comics

July 30, 2015 Despite my complaints last time about the darkness permeating comics, Marvel and DC are putting out a surprising number of genuinely funny books, though how long they’ll last has yet to be determined. more »»



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