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'The Roller' - Beady Eye

February 2, 2011
By Erin O'Neill
I consider myself to be pretty open-minded. I don't always like everything that everyone else likes and I don't expect others to like the same things as me.

I never liked Oasis. I'm not sure why exactly. Probably because I'm a Beatles fanatic and Oasis were just a bunch of wannabes with a penchant for the F-word and punching each other in the face.

But I'm always willing to give new music a try. Beady Eye is Oasis-light basically, minus Noel Gallagher, who was evidently the head pain-in-the-butt.

From their new album, "Different Gear, Still Speeding," the first single, "The Roller" sounds very much like John Lennon and, if you can get past the whole copy cat thing, it is very listenable.

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