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1541 days ago.
by ToddWho

Does anyone remember The Todd Who? Project?

Years ago, when I lived in Charleston, I had the pleasure of hanging out with and listening to one of the most unique bands I've ever heard. I'm not sure if any of you would remember them, but they were a blend of country, folk-rock, and occasionally a little of their own special sauce. Explaining them would take more space than I have, but I can guarantee that there has likely never been, nor ever will be, anything like their shows. Until a few years ago, I lost my only copy of "Ain't So Pretty"... or rather, it was "kept" by a former friend. Still trying to decide if I miss the friend as much as the tape. In any case, even as I now live far from home, I find myself missing that music. I guess I'm wondering if I'm the only one. Sometimes the great acts are fleeting, I suppose... or so goes my opinion. Tim Nicholas and the guys were something to hear. If anyone else out there remembers them, I'd like to hear it. Thanks all.


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There are a few songs uploading currently. I included Side A and B (2 files) of Not So Pretty as well as Live at Common Grounds(3 songs from the blizzard gig). I hope you enjoy it. (it may take a few hours to complete.

Posted 1541 days ago.

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